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On Fitness, Leadership and Helping Others with Kat Cannella

June 22, 2014

"Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders."  

Tom Peters

Today’s show is all about connecting the dots between fitness and leadership in the context of helping others.  Leaders are people who help create other leaders and our guest is a leader that helps her clients develop the courage to identify their goals and pursue them. 

As you will learn, she helps clients do this at at the gym and at the office!

BeachBody coach and leadership development professional, Kat Cannella, joined us to talk about the strong connections between being healthy, working out and developing her clients ability to achieve their professional goals.   


During the show, Kat and I shared the perspective that maybe working out is not just for ourselves.  

As I talk to incredible leaders like Kat, Rita Catolino, and Tosca Reno, it is becoming obvious that our work in the gym can be a powerful catalyst for us to help others and inspire them to lead positive change.

Whether we help them with their workouts, their diets, or finding the confidence to pursue their dreams,  by being accountable to our goals and dreams, we can become the inspirations others need to pursue their own goals in life!

As you will hear in the show, it all starts with the reflection we see in the mirror everyday.   

This led me to share the example of an inspirational young man by the name of Shayne Miller, whom I had to honor of helping along his journey at the gym and in life. 


During this week's The Fitness Minute, I shared a model called SMART Goals. 

SMART is an acronym we commonly use in professional settings to help us set goals that can be measured and ensure that we know what success is before we start any significant effort.   


Just like SMART goals can help us define and measure success at work, they can also help us define success at the gym. 

Hope you enjoy the show and that it helps you find the inspiration to continue pursuing your fitness goals, not just for yourself, but for what you can do to help and inspire others. 

Thanks for sharing everyone!