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On Resilience, Fitness and Leadership with Tosca Reno

June 8, 2014

After losing a son, a spouse and a successful business, most people would give up on life, but not Tosca Reno.  Today’s show is all about using fitness and leadership to build our sense of self and overcome the most difficult challenges that life throws our way.  

Nutritional expert, motivational speaker and entrepreneur, Tosca Reno joins us to share her incredible story of resilience and leadership through some of the most difficult challenges anyone can ever experience.  


On The Fitness Minute...

Also this week, I share a 4 step process anyone can take to use failure as a way to succeed, in this week's The Fitness Minute. 

As you have heard many times, in order to succeed, we have to be willing to fail.  The concept of “Failing Forward” is a popular topic in leadership circles and this is one of the biggest similarities that I have found in leadership and fitness, because at the gym,  failure is intentional!  And today I want to share a 4 step process that anyone can use to use failure as a way to succeed, in life and at the gym!  

During an interview with clinical psychologist Guy Winch, we discussed a 4 step process for using failure intentionally as a way to succeed. As we spoke, I realized that this is the process I go through at the gym every week.  

You see, when we work out, the goal is to bring the muscle to failure.  The end of the set should be when your muscles literary fail and you can’t lift anymore. 

In the gym, it is all about recovering and repeating.  This is also true in life!

So here are Guy’s four steps to use failure as a way to succeed.

1. Define the goal.

Whether we are seeking a promotion, starting a new company, or becoming healthy, whatever the goal is, we have to define our goal! 

2. Taking action!  

This is where risks and courage become important.   At this stage we have to be willing to fail and muster up real courage to face the fear of failure. Like Pink asks in her song, ‘Glitter in the Air’;

“Have you ever looked fear in the face and said, I just don’t care?” 

3. Assessing our impact.

We should think of failure as part of the process; a critical component that will teach us what to do different. We need to become failure detectives in order to gain the knowledge we need to succeed.  

4. Repeating Our Efforts.

Now that we are armed with all our knowledge and have momentum, we go for it again.  

Success is something we learn through trial and error.    


Tosca on fitness and leading through failure!

Checkout the interview below to hear about Tosca's moving story and how she uses fitness and many leadership attributes to pursue her vision through failure and adversity that would make most of us quit on our dreams.  

As you will find, Tosca is a true example of a Resilient Leader!  She follows her vision with a drive and determination that inspires us.


Thank you for sharing everyone!!!