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Overcoming Fear and Creating the Leader You Want to Be!

Today’s show is all about using fitness to build confidence and overcoming our fears to create the leader we want to be. 

Rita Catolino, fitness expert, motivational speaker and entrepreneur, shares her inspirational story of transformation by using fitness to develop confidence, overcome her fears and become the leader she is today!


We also cover the concept of looking fear in the face and telling it, I DONT CARE!  Check out this week's The Fitness Minute, connecting the dots of fitness and leadership in 60 seconds. More or less...  8-)


Self-reflection can be painful, but, as they say, NO PAIN, NO GAIN!!!

Thanks for sharing everyone!  


Helping the Bullied, the Bully and the Bystander

This week show's is all about developing the kind of healthy organization that is ready to support the bullied, the bully and the bystander.    

Leadership expert David Hain joined me to explore the topic of the bullying trap so many organizations fall into.  David recently joined an organization in the UK called Bullies Out and we discussed the how healthy organizations can provide support for the bullied, the bully and the bystander.  

This week I also share 3 Steps anyone can take to address bullying at the gym on The Fitness Minute, connecting the dots of leadership and fitness in 60 seconds, more or less...  8-)


Strengths Based Leadership at Work, Home or at the Gym

This is my first #HealthyLeadership show and I want to start it by focusing on a topic that can truly enhance our ability our ability to lead at work, home or at the gym.  

Join us to explore the two biggest lessons about strengths and this week's Fitness Minute on the three steps outlined below!